Issue 2004.2 Proposal to Reform the U.S. Patent System
The US economy is highly innovative. Yet in two notable public meetings, business executives, economists, judges and lawyers expressed deep concerns about the effects of the US patent system on innovation, first at the National Academies of Science (2000) and later at the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice (2002).

Both groups have now followed with proposals for reforming the US patent system (FTC and NAS). Many of the recommendations are highly technical. To facilitate public discussion, we analyze the main issues, summarize the proposed recommendations and solicit comments from readers. In the Fall, we will publish selected comments.

Main Recommendations
Patent Standards
Patent Office
Patent Infringement Litigation
We welcome all readers to submit brief comments (around 500 words). Comments can address specific recommendations (e.g., changes to the non-obviousness standard), the overall import of the proposed changes, or alternative recommendations. We will select comments to publish in the newsletter (perhaps excerpting from them), and we may choose to place all comments on the TIIP website.
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