Thursday, November 16 at MIT Stata Center

Reception sponsored by the
Software Freedom Law Center

opening remarks: Eric Von Hippel, MIT; Dan Ravicher, PubPat/SFLC

Friday, November 17 at Boston University Law School

Welcome and Comments

Maureen O'Rourke, Dean, Boston University School of Law - Video

The Great Debates:
Software Patents and Patent Reform

Brian Kahin, CCIA/U of Michigan · Slides - Video
James Heald, FFII · Slides - Video
Robert Barr, UC Berkeley - Video

Empirical Evidence on Software Patents

Bronwyn Hall, UC Berkeley · Slides - Video
Jim Bessen, Boston University/ROI · Slides - Video
Mark Webbink, Red Hat (Presented by Jim Bessen) · Slides - Video

Effects of Software Patents on:

Free/Open Source/User Innovation - Eric von Hippel, MIT · Slides - Video
Entrepreneurship - Pamela Samuelson, UC Berkeley · Slides - Video
Standards - Danny Weitzner, W3C- Video

Information and Communications - Jason Schultz, EFF- Video
Ecommerce - Emily Ward, eBay -
Financial Services - Bob Hunt, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia · Slides- Video

Legal Perspectives on Software Patents

John Duffy, George Washington University · Slides - Video
Peter Menell, UC Berkeley · Slides - Video
Mike Meurer, Boston University · Slides - Video
Jay Dratler, University of Akron · Slides- Video

Roundtable: Options for action/reform

Ed Black, CCIA
Dan Bricklin, Software Garden
Solveig Singleton, Progress and Freedom Foundation
Richard Fontana, SFLC
Jerry Rosenthal, Open Invention Network
Steven Soucar, IBM
Ben Klemens, Brookings Institution

Video of Roundtable Discussion
Question and Answer Session

Many thanks to Howard Kalodner of Western New England College School of Law for help in preparing the video content of the conference.